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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Proudly Supporting

The Benefits of Free Play Backed by Science

<a href="/articles/the-benefits-of-free-play-backed-by-science">The Benefits of Free Play Backed by Science</a>

A study of primary school children during school break periods has found that not only is the break period a good opportunity to enhance children’s physical activity, but lunchtime activities need not be costly. Providing simple and cheap items such as buckets and tyre tubes during school break periods was found to significantly increase children’s enjoyment of, and participation in, physical activity – more so than using traditional fixed playground equipment. Read full article

Creating an Inclusive Education System in Australia

<a href="/blogs/2013/12/17/creating-an-inclusive-education-system-in-australia">Creating an Inclusive Education System in Australia</a>

"I was shocked when the local preschool teacher asked me when my son was coming to preschool… I had no idea he was even permitted to attend the local preschool." Those are not the words of a mother during Apartheid in South Africa or someone labelled 'untouchable' living under a caste system. They are the words of an Australian mother whose son has been labelled 'disabled'. This mother is participating in some of my current research. Read full article

US Boards of Education Issue Policy on Social and Emotional Learning

United States National Association of Boards of Education issue a policy document on the importance of social and emotional learning for students' wellbeing and academic success. Read the policy document. Includes an overview of SEL and research base. Read full article

Why Children Should be Taught Philanthropy

<a href="/articles/why-children-should-be-taught-philanthropy">Why Children Should be Taught Philanthropy</a>

“Philanthropy” is usually a word we associate with the world of adults and rich people. Increasingly though, children from a spread of socio-economic backgrounds are participating in and learning about what it means to be philanthropic, both at home and at school. As well as helping those in need, the evidence shows getting children involved in philanthropy has positive effects for the children, their families and society more generally. Read full article

Take a Seat - Make a Friend - Try this in a School?

<a href="/articles/take-a-seat-make-a-friend-try-this-in-a-school">Take a Seat - Make a Friend - Try this in a School?</a>

A beautiful video from Soul Pancake called "Take a Seat - Make a Friend". We think this would be a brilliant exercise for a Primary or Elementary school to help children get to know each other, make friends, and appreciate diversity. This is great. Take 5 minutes and enjoy this. Read full article

Parent Article for Primary School Newsletters

<a href="/articles/parent-article-for-primary-school-newsletters">Parent Article for Primary School Newsletters</a>

We have developed a quality parent-communication tool for schools in the form of an A4 one-page article for parents that can be easily inserted into your regular school newsletter. As parents are the first and enduring educators of their children, there is great reciprocal value for a school when it shares new ideas and research with families. See details and a sample. Read full article

Mindfulness Training at School Reduces Depression in Teenagers

<a href="/articles/mindfulness-training-at-school-reduces-depression-in-teenagers">Mindfulness Training at School Reduces Depression in Teenagers</a>

A study published last month in the Mindfulness Journal, found that a mindfulness program integrated into school hours, can prevent and reduce symptoms of clinical depression in high school students...The researchers found that six months after the study, the mindfulness students with clinical depression symptoms showed significantly greater reductions in depression compared to their control group peers. Read full article

What Makes Teenagers Stand Up for Bullying Victims?

<a href="/articles/what-makes-teenagers-stand-up-for-bullying-victims">What Makes Teenagers Stand Up for Bullying Victims?</a>

To bully, 'bystand' or 'upstand'? This is the question that adolescents who witness bullying behaviour are processing at the time of an incident. New research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education discovers why teens at school don't always stand up for bullying victims, even though they want to. Read full article

Room to Breathe - Film about Mindfulness in Schools

<a href="/articles/room-to-breathe-film-about-mindfulness-in-schools">Room to Breathe - Film about Mindfulness in Schools</a>

Room to Breathe is a story of transformation as struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school are introduced to the practice of mindfulness. Topping the district in disciplinary suspensions, and with overcrowded classrooms creating a nearly impossible learning environment, overwhelmed administrators are left with stark choices. Do they repeat the cycle of forcing tuned-out children to listen, or experiment with a set of age-old inner practices that may provide them with the social, emotional, and attention skills that they need to succeed? Read full article

Using Mindfulness for Teacher Wellbeing

<a href="/articles/using-mindfulness-for-teacher-wellbeing">Using Mindfulness for Teacher Wellbeing</a>

Promising results from pilot studies of teachers using mindfulness in classrooms are exciting educators who say that nurturing teacher mindfulness is a great opportunity to create a caring classroom... results from a study ...of 50 teachers participating in a professional development program facilitated by CARE ... showed that having mindfulness practice in the classroom helped teachers to achieve goals in the classroom, regulate their emotions better, and relate better to students. Read full article