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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Effective Strategies to Prevent Teen Depression and Suicide

<a href="/articles/effective-strategies-to-prevent-teen-depression-and-suicide">Effective Strategies to Prevent Teen Depression and Suicide</a>

Untreated depression is one of the leading causes of teen suicide, and signs of depression can also be a warning that a teenager is contemplating suicide. In an article published this week in the quarterly journal, The Prevention Researcher, University of Cincinnati researchers described how positive connections can help offset these tragedies...The authors state that teen suicidal warning signs encompass three specific categories ... Read full article

I am a SAHM - My Experience of Depression

<a href="/blogs/susanwhelan/2012/05/30/i-am-a-sahm-my-experience-of-depression">I am a SAHM - My Experience of Depression</a>

I found Yvette’s blog post last week about stay-at-home mothers and depression thought provoking. I am a stay-at-home mum and last year I was diagnosed with depression. It never occurred to me to link the two, however in the past few days I have given quite a bit of thought to the connection and the different pressures and expectations experienced by stay-at-home mothers compared with women who work outside the home. Read full article

How Family Communication Influences Teen Depression

<a href="/articles/how-family-communication-influences-teen-depression">How Family Communication Influences Teen Depression</a>

Professor Nick Allen, at the School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne, has conducted studies into the influence of family dynamics on depression in teenagers. Speaking at the Australian Psychological Society’s recent conference on Theory to Practice: Positive Development and Wellbeing, Professor Allen presented research that follows young teenagers from ages 12 to 18 and looks at family communication styles prior to the development of depression symptoms. Through early observations and then periodic follow up over several years, Professor Allen and his colleagues have identified patterns of adult and child communication that predict the likelihood of a teenager developing depression. Read full article

One in Twelve Teens Self Harm - Why, and Where to Get Help

<a href="/articles/one-in-twelve-teens-self-harm-why-and-where-to-get-help">One in Twelve Teens Self Harm - Why, and Where to Get Help</a>

With a new Australian study indicating that 1 in 12 adolescents self-harm, it’s important for parents and carers to keep informed about self-harm and what it can mean for their child ... Self-harm or self-injury refers to a person deliberately inflicting physical harm on themself to cope with or communicate their distress ...Why Do Children Self-Harm? Read full article

Depression and Motherhood - A New Resource for Australian Families

<a href="/articles/depression-and-motherhood-a-new-resource-for-australian-families">Depression and Motherhood - A New Resource for Australian Families</a>

Video interview with Seana Smith and Benison O'Reilly who, together with Catherine Fox, authored a comprehensive handbook for families - Beyond the Baby Blues- about perinatal depression and anxiety. Covered in this interview is one of the author's own story of pre and post natal depression, screening of mothers for depression and anxiety, counselling, and help for fathers. Read full article

Beyond the Baby Blues

<a href="/parenting-resources/depression-and-bipolar/beyond-the-baby-blues">Beyond the Baby Blues</a>

Beyond the Baby Blues is the first comprehensive Australian resource guide to perinatal depression and anxiety (PND). Readers receive solid scientific advice combined with the experiences of individuals and families affected and the professionals who treat them. The book includes the scientific explanation for PND that will come as a relief to many and an exploration of perinatal screening. Caring professionals, family members and friends explain how they helped PND sufferers, as well as how their involvement affected their own lives, while self-care strategies will help parents take care of themselves and their families throughout life. Read full article

P!nk's Latest Music Video - Perfect, or Not?

<a href="/blogs/catherine/2011/02/09/pnks-latest-music-video-perfect-or-not">P!nk&#039;s Latest Music Video - Perfect, or Not?</a>

P!nk (Alecia Moore) has just released her latest music video for her current song, “Fkin Perfect”, being given airplay. I must confess I'm partial to P!nk and her music. This is because of what she represents and stands for, and the tunes of course. As I was playing the footage on my computer my 6 and 3 year old wanted to look. I do let them listen to P!nk. I know some of her lyrics contain explicit language so I either sing loudly for those songs and cover the swearing, or I don’t let them listen to those but I don’t believe that she should be censored. Read full article

Protecting Your Children Against Depression

<a href="/articles/protecting-your-children-against-depression">Protecting Your Children Against Depression</a>

As parents we all know that there’ll be times when our kids will suffer from disappointment and rejection. We steel ourselves for it. We know that we – and our kids – will win some, and lose some. Julia Richardson spoke to Dr Brian Graetz from Beyond Blue and received some advice about protecting our kids from the possibility of depression. Read full article

6 Tips to Help an Unhappy Child

<a href="/articles/6-tips-to-help-an-unhappy-child">6 Tips to Help an Unhappy Child</a>

Julia Richardson shares 6 ideas for parents trying to help an unhappy child or a child who may have depression. Suggestions for parents include talking to your child about challenges they have faced themselves and reminding kids about how they have successfully dealt with problems in the past. Read full article

This Week's Featured Video

This week's featured video is with Seana Smith and Benison O'Reilly, authors of Beyond the Baby Blues. Read full article