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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Children’s Rights vs Freedom of Religion and the Confessional Seal

<a href="/articles/children%E2%80%99s-rights-vs-freedom-of-religion-and-the-confessional-seal">Children’s Rights vs Freedom of Religion and the Confessional Seal</a>

Opinion: In response to the ongoing cascade of accusations and evidence of systemic and decades long child abuse, the federal government finally announced a Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse on Monday. One possible recommendation is already being mooted, that priests be obliged to report any knowledge of child sex abuse to police. Such an obligation would undoubtedly enhance protection of the rights of children. It would also interfere with the freedom of religion of priests if they are compelled to reveal information conveyed during formal 'confessions'. In this clash of rights, which should prevail? Read full article

How Parents With Anxiety Can Help Their Children

<a href="/articles/how-parents-with-anxiety-can-help-their-children">How Parents With Anxiety Can Help Their Children</a>

“For parents who experience excessive worry and anxiety, their worry can often extend to worrying about their children or worrying about what other people think of their parenting or their child,” says Associate Professor Jennifer Hudson, from the Centre for Emotional Health and Department of Psychology Macquarie University. And because anxious parents often have anxious children, if you’re a parent and have been diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, it’s a good idea to ask your therapist and doctor about your child’s risk of developing anxiety...reassurance comes from evidence that if parents are aware of their anxiety- related behaviours and participate in family therapy sessions, the potential for their children to develop anxiety may be reduced. Read full article

How to Silence the Parent's Inner Critic

<a href="/blogs/2012/11/05/how-to-silence-the-parents-inner-critic">How to Silence the Parent&#039;s Inner Critic</a>

Is your inner critic getting you down? You know: that little voice in the back of your head constantly telling you what a lousy parent you are. Every parent has one. It’s a stream of thoughts making up an endless real-time commentary on what you are thinking and doing, continuously pointing out and cataloging you deficiencies and weaknesses...So what do you do if your inner critic is getting out of hand? Read full article

Every Australian School Should Play This in Class - Bullying

<a href="/articles/every-australian-school-should-play-this-in-class-bullying">Every Australian School Should Play This in Class - Bullying</a>

Words not required to describe this extremely moving video. We dare you to watch it without being moved to tears, or at least rivetted to the spot. Australian singer Bec Cole's son made this video. " I thank him for letting me share this, his bravery will help others. So proud of my son.." Read full article

Should I Worry About My Child's Tantrums?

<a href="/articles/should-i-worry-about-my-childs-tantrums">Should I Worry About My Child&#039;s Tantrums?</a>

Toddlers’ tantrums are exhausting for parents. Unsure of whether to ignore a tantrum, when to step in and calm a child, and dealing with judgemental stares from onlookers, parents with tantrum-prone toddlers often despair at the challenges they face. It is normal for young children to get very upset when they are frustrated, angry and disappointed and it is also very difficult for toddlers to calm down once they get very worked up. Northwestern University’s School of Medicine is developing a new assessment tool for paediatricians and parents called the Multidimensional Assessment of Preschool Disruptive Behavior (MAP-DB). The MAP-DB is intended to help parents find out if their child’s tantrums could be an indicator of other problems. Read full article

Tuning Into Kids - Parent Education Courses

<a href="/articles/tuning-into-kids-parent-education-courses">Tuning Into Kids - Parent Education Courses</a>

Starts 8 March - online via webinars. Tuning in to Kids is a parent education course that aims to give you helpful ways of teaching your child the skills of emotional intelligence. The program teaches you about how you, as a parent, can help your child develop good emotional skills. Developed by Dr Sophie Havighurst and Anne Harley, auspiced by the University of Melbourne,it is a group parenting program that helps parents teach children to understand and regulate their emotions. Read full article

Understanding Children Who Bully

<a href="/blogs/2012/08/10/understanding-children-who-bully">Understanding Children Who Bully</a>

We are in the midst of an epidemic. One in seven kids suffer from it. It destroys lives and can have fatal consequences...As a community, there are things we can all do to decrease the likelihood that children will become bullies...Teens, although highly vulnerable to slights, are quick to dish them out. Testing each other and the world, their expressions are often uncensored... Read full article

Safe Haven - Preventing Women from Harming Their Babies

<a href="/articles/safe-haven-preventing-women-from-harming-their-babies">Safe Haven - Preventing Women from Harming Their Babies</a>

Opinion: In December 2010, Keli Lane, a former champion water polo player, was convicted of the 1996 murder of her two day old daughter, Tegan. The new-born girl was never seen again after leaving the hospital with Lane, who was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment last year. The law treats the crime of abandoning, or killing a child younger one year old under special conditions. It is also the kind of crime that attracts special attention from the media and the public, but many of these crimes will go unheard of, and unsolved. Read full article

Abandoned Babies - a Plea for Thoughtful Media Reporting

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/08/07/abandoned-babies-a-plea-for-thoughtful-media-reporting">Abandoned Babies - a Plea for Thoughtful Media Reporting</a>

This morning’s news reported a six week old baby allegedly having been abandoned by his parents on the side of the road at about 3am in a western Sydney suburb. It’s simply heartbreaking to think of such a young child being mistreated in this way. And my natural first reaction was anger at the adults involved in that child’s care. Two writers on mainstream online media websites this morning called the situation as they saw it ... I think as bloggers, journalists and publishers we can do better in these rare but extremely disturbing situations where a baby is abandoned. Read full article

Sleepwalking in Children - Causes and Tips for Parents

<a href="/articles/sleepwalking-in-children-causes-and-tips-for-parents">Sleepwalking in Children - Causes and Tips for Parents</a>

Lily, aged seven, sleepwalks occasionally: “She wanders around and she often, somehow, finds us in the house. She might be smiling; she might open the cupboards, often she needs to go to the toilet,” explains her mother Amanda. Sarah*, whose daughter Amelia*, is also seven, says she’s been startled to see her daughter in a “trance-like state” at her bedside in the middle of the night ...While most children will outgrow this sleep disturbance by the time they are adults, it can be a cause for concern for their parents ... Read full article