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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Christmas Concerns? Advice from an Expert

<a href="/blogs/2013/12/17/christmas-concerns-advice-from-an-expert">Christmas Concerns? Advice from an Expert</a>

Gifts, Santa, and family time. While most children are thrilled by the approach of Christmas, some parents have mixed feelings. Dr Marc de Rosnay*, from the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology, talks you through some possible concerns you might have about your children: Read full article

Safer Digital Toys For Christmas

<a href="/articles/safer-digital-toys-for-christmas">Safer Digital Toys For Christmas</a>

Many parents will be buying a new digital 'toy' for their child this Christmas, whether it's a new tablet, iPod or smart phone. While many of these digital devices look like toys – they are now in bright colours and even 2-year-olds are familiar with how to use them – they are, in fact, a gateway to the much wider world of the internet. And it is the internet where children are at risk of unintentionally viewing adult content, potentially shocking and disturbing to them. Read full article

Why Children Should be Taught Philanthropy

<a href="/articles/why-children-should-be-taught-philanthropy">Why Children Should be Taught Philanthropy</a>

“Philanthropy” is usually a word we associate with the world of adults and rich people. Increasingly though, children from a spread of socio-economic backgrounds are participating in and learning about what it means to be philanthropic, both at home and at school. As well as helping those in need, the evidence shows getting children involved in philanthropy has positive effects for the children, their families and society more generally. Read full article

My Son Doesn't Want Surprise Gifts This Christmas

<a href="/blogs/sarahliebetrau/2012/11/27/my-son-doesnt-want-surprise-gifts-this-christmas">My Son Doesn&#039;t Want Surprise Gifts This Christmas</a>

This year, there will be no surprises at Christmas time for my six year old son. No, he hasn’t been a ‘naughty boy’ and therefore undeserving of Santa’s generosity. The reason my son will have no surprises is that he will choose all of his presents and be with us when we buy them, in November. They will then be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. Read full article

How to Give Good at Christmas - my Personal Recommendation

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/11/15/how-to-give-good-at-christmas-my-personal-recommendation">How to Give Good at Christmas - my Personal Recommendation</a>

It's my absolute pleasure to recommend you consider a UNICEF gift this Christmas. A gift that helps a vulnerable child seems a beautiful way to celebrate families getting together during the Chirstmas holiday season. And I love the name for this initiative: Give Good gifts. UNICEF gifts are delivered to the children who need it most. The gifts include polio vaccines, nutritional health supplements, educational tools, baby weigh scales, water pumps, bicycles for UNICEF field and community workers, emergency shelter and vital community infrastructure. Read full article

Time Affluence for Children - a Cure for Affluenza

Preparing for this segment on The Morning Show, I looked up one of my favourite researchers and writers on happiness, Tal Ben Shahar. Ben Shahar has many strings to his bow including teaching Positive Psychology at Harvard and author of best seller books "Happier" and "Being Happy"....Tal Ben Shahar and his colleagues frequently cite the single biggest predictor of happiness as 'Time Affluence' - this is really having time to do things that are important to you and meaningful for you ... Read full article

Our Family Christmas Traditions

<a href="/blogs/annieb25/2010/12/17/our-family-christmas-traditions">Our Family Christmas Traditions</a>

It’s Christmas time again and this year it seems to have caught me by surprise. I know we have had the same number of days in the year as in all previous years, but for some reason I’m not yet in the Christmassy spirit. Putting up the tree and decorating the house would normally have put me in the mood, however this year I can’t even find the momentum to get the tree out of the cellar ... Read full article

Christmas and Families - What if You're Just Not Into It?

<a href="/blogs/sallycollings/2010/12/13/christmas-and-families-what-if-youre-just-not-into-it">Christmas and Families - What if You&#039;re Just Not Into It?</a>

You might have noticed a few changes around your local area. Shopping centres draped in tinsel, supermarket aisles crammed with chocolate Santas, carols being sung in the park, the odd school concert featuring songs about reindeer … ringing any bells? ... Forget about whether your kids believe in Santa Claus. What about parents who are just not that into Christmas? Read full article

Sorry, Your Son Won't Be Travelling With Us Today

<a href="/blogs/sophielee/2010/12/10/sorry-your-son-wont-be-travelling-with-us-today">Sorry, Your Son Won&#039;t Be Travelling With Us Today</a>

What follows is a lesson on adhering to the warnings found in the small print of your travel documents. We had a family holiday to Bali booked a year in advance, you see, and it was our dangling carrot, guiding us through end-of-year malaise, the mishmash of bubbling mince on the stove top, the rush to beat the traffic for music lessons, the tedium of swim squad and the daily ironing of uniforms. Ever get to that point of the school term where you feel as though you’re limping towards a finish line? Read full article

A Christmas Present for Your Child That Lasts All Year

Possibly the best gift you could give your children this Christmas is to teach them the value of giving...The truth is people consistently over-estimate the impact on their wellbeing of acquiring things and underestimate the impact of giving, especially to those to whom they have an emotional connection. But this can be overcome by encouraging our children to experience the joy of giving directly. A good way to do this is to give them a gift voucher to microcredit charity Kiva. Read full article