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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Madison the Makeup Guru is 5 years Old

I thought this segment on The Morning Show was going to be mostly about adultification of children - five year old Madison has over a million views on YouTube for her many videos of her applying makeup and reviewing it - in a five year old kind of way: "I really love it". But in the end I thought it was about something innocent that ended up with a child becoming a PR vehicle for adult makeup products - what do you think? Read full article

Suri Cruise is 5 Years Old - She is Not a Woman

Yvette Vignando, Melissa Hoyer and Melinda Tankard Reist on Channel 7, The Morning Show, discuss decision by Glamour Magazine to include 5 year old Suri Cruise in the Best Dressed Women of 2011 list. Was this a good decision by Glamour magazine. Can we just allow little girls to be little girls please? Read full article

I Have a Young Daughter and I am the Language Police

<a href="/blogs/zoeymartin/2011/02/21/i-have-a-young-daughter-and-i-am-the-language-police">I Have a Young Daughter and I am the Language Police</a>

I once saw a study that showed that teenage girls’ self-esteem was linked to how represented their race was in the mainstream media. It was an American study. So Native Americans who were the most under-represented racial group in the media had the highest level of self-esteem, followed by African Americans with Caucasian teenagers at the bottom of the pile. They drew the conclusion that it was because if you see somebody of the same racial group on the front of a magazine you think that if you just lost the right amount of weight, did the right exercise, had the right clothes or wore the right make up you could look like that. Whereas, somebody of a different racial group would never be able to look like that no matter what changes they made. Read full article

Glee Star on Cosmopolitan Cover Shot - Is Parental Guidance Required?

Glee star Lea Michele appears on the cover of the March edition of US Cosmopolitan. The actress is apparently 24 years old but plays the role of a teenager in the internationally popular television series Glee. In the news is the reaction by some Texas newsagents who have removed the magazine from display and others who have said that the cover shot is overtly sexual and inappropriate for a celebrity who plays a teenager. The implication is that Lea Michele is also something of a role model for young women who watch Glee. Read full article

Wednesday 12 January 2011 Latest Parenting and Education News

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/01/12/wednesday-12-january-2011-latest-parenting-and-education-news">Wednesday 12 January 2011 Latest Parenting and Education News</a>

Wednesday 12 January 2011 - Links to Latest Parenting and Education news: Pinkification of Girls ~ Surrogacy in Australia ~ Children in Detention ~ Oxytocin & Ethnocentrism ~ Publishing Teacher Performance Rankings ~ Teacher Disciplined for Allowing Sled Use ~ Special Education Students ~ Autism and Yawn Contagion Read full article

The Princess Bitchface Syndrome

<a href="/parenting-resources/girls/the-princess-bitchface-syndrome">The Princess Bitchface Syndrome</a>

Book: The Princess Bitchface Syndrome, Surviving Adolescent Girls by Michael Carr-Gregg. In this book, Michael Carr-Gregg focuses on the special trials of raising adolescent girls today, what to do when your previously quiet, loving daughter becomes a restless, rebellious stranger who behaves like a responsible adult one day and a vampish brat the next. Read full article

Raising and Praising Girls

<a href="/parenting-resources/girls/raising-and-praising-girls">Raising and Praising Girls</a>

Books: Raising and Praising Girls by Elizabeth Hartley - Brewer. In this practical, common-sense guide, it is revealed why understanding and acknowledging girls' unique sensibilities is the key to knowing how to award them with the right sort of praise. Read full article

Daughters and their Dads

<a href="/parenting-resources/girls/daughters-and-their-dads">Daughters and their Dads</a>

Book: Daughters and their Dads by Bruce Robinson discusses the importance of fathers and father-figures in a daughter's life. Topics include beauty, confidence, respect, drugs, peer pressure, curiosity, values, faith, dad dates, special trips, how women can resolve issues with their fathers and dealing with separation. It contains quotes from over 400 personal interviews with prominent men and women. Read full article

Survival Guide for Parents of Tween Girls

<a href="/articles/survival-guide-for-parents-of-tween-girls">Survival Guide for Parents of Tween Girls</a>

Parenting a Tween feels a bit like you’re running a medieval gauntlet. You know it’s going to be tricky. Some of your friends already have had kids going through the Tween stage, between the ages of nine and 13, and you’ve heard the stories of once happy and empathetic children morphing into self-absorbed, emotional nightmares when they don’t get their way. Read full article

More Secrets of Happy Children

<a href="/parenting-resources/confidence-and-self-esteem/more-secrets-of-happy-children">More Secrets of Happy Children</a>

Book: More Secrets of Happy Children by Steve Biddulph tackles the important concerns of parents today. It is a book about putting love into action, of knowing what you are doing as a parent and why. Read full article